Saturday, 17 August 2019

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-Starfare Images Online Training Program-

Starfare Images Training Division started in 1997 in response to an industry need to provide cost effective training for laboratory and technical personnel. In consultation with Industry Starfare Images has designed and developed a range of courses to enhance the essential skills of those in technical roles.

A natural progression for the Training Division was Online Training which started with the Safety in the Laboratory course. The Division will continue to enhance its strategic Online Training Program by offering more courses in the near future.

Online Training caters for the needs of clients in today's hectic business environment and offers many benefits to both managers and participants. Some of these are listed below:

dot No travel costs for participants.
dot Low course fees because there is no facility rental or dedicated instructor.
dot Participants can learn on-site or in the comfort of their own home.
dot Flexibility, as the courses can be undertaken at any time when you have access to a computer and the internet.
dot Self-paced. The participant sets the pace at which they wish to learn. You can work through the course in one session or you can break the course down into a number of short sessions at your convenience. The Online Training Program allows you to log off from the course and return to the slide that you were up to at a more convenient time.
dot Self-assessable. Topics are broken down into Sections of up to ten slides with a self-assessment slide at the end of each Section. This is used to assess your comprehension of the Section content. You cannot progress to the next Section until you have passed the self-assessment slide. Do not worry. We will not try to trick you; the questions are simply designed to reinforce important issues within the Section.
dot You receive a Certificate once you have successfully completed the course.

The above are some of the benefits associated with using Starfare Images Online Training Programs. If this does not suit yourself or your staff and you would prefer to attend a training course at a Starfare Images Training Centre or have a course conducted on-site please feel free to contact us using the icon at the top of the slide.

ImageSafety in the Laboratory
Makes staff more aware of the potential hazards involved with chemicals in the workplace. More info.

ImageIntroduction to the TGA
Provides you with the basics for a better overall understanding of the TGA. Coming Soon.

ImageTechnical Report Writing
Provides the information to develop your own style for writing technical documentation. Coming soon.